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The Pros and Cons of Storing Personal Information on One’s Website

The Pros and Cons of Storing Personal Information on One’s Website
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One of the key changes in our modern lifestyle is our increased use of computers and the internet as tools in the business of personal medical care.  The days when one depended upon thick folders filled with printed and handwritten medical records stuffed in files that were always in danger of loss or destruction has all but gone the way of the mercury thermometer.  Today medical records are stored on microchips or flash drives with other important personal information.  And we communicate with our doctors and specialists via tablets and laptops, and on smart phones.  Our personal information can be available to those who use the right password and authorization code.

So when we set up our personal computer webpage we should treat it not as a lark or new venture but as something that maintains our personal record.  Indeed, our personal webpage is as important to us today as the traditional lockbox or rented storage was to our forefathers.  That site may contain our entire personal history, as well as our critical information.  So when you get a website domain from Godaddy you want to be certain that you are prepared to see that it is maintained and that your privacy is protected.  Their service and security can be depended upon and when you take advantage of one of their Groupon coupons you can get a substantial discount on the regular rate for domain ownership and maintenance.

Keeping sensitive personal information in your domain is a subject of some debate.  Many people do; however, others discourage doing so because of the threat of identity theft and the accompanying chaos that can result.  Another concern is the time and effort it takes to keep the information up to date.  People may have three or four different identification numbers, mailing addresses and prescriptions listed, without indicating which one is active and which have been abandoned.  People forget to change names or to update identification papers.  Most importantly, things like changes in Social Security status or updated wills, powers of attorney and estate papers can be overlooked.  However, the benefit of keeping things online is the immediate access and the ease of transmission to others.  These concerns that must be considered when you set up your site.

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